Final Holiday Projects

I'm just about done with my holiday gift projects. I still need to make something for my son's teacher and I'll be completely done. Earlier this week I made my nephew a travel crayon caddy.

Remember my earlier conundrum on what to do about the open pockets? Well, I decided to add a button flap to keep everything in place.

I'd considered making them zippered pockets but this was just quicker and easier. And with the holidays in full swing, quicker is better. Now to get these last gifts in the mail.


  1. Great solution! How is the quilt project going with the 5th graders? I have been hoping it is fun for all of you. :)

  2. a great way to keep all the crayons etc together, will be the envy of pals when they see this, maybe you can start a mini business! as if you have not enough to do

  3. I'm sure he'll love it, and sometimes quicker and easier is better.

  4. This is great! So cute and great organization. The button flap was a great addition.

  5. The button flap is an ingenious solution.
    Handmade holiday gifts for me this year have all fallen by the wayside. Whoops! We are travelling for Christmas, and my husband's family has decided to exchange no gifts as we are all paying for accommodation instead.


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