Raspberry Kisses

I was finally able to connect with and join my local modern quilt guild in October. This made me very happy since the only other quilters I know are part of the blogging/online community. Of course, on the day of their October monthly meeting my little guy was home sick with strep throat so I couldn't attend but I was able to sign up for an upcoming retreat that is scheduled for this coming weekend. SQUEAL!!!!.

An interesting thing that they do at each meeting is have a block lottery. A specific block is selected each month and for each block you make, you get your name put into a drawing. If your name is randomly selected, you win all of the blocks made. For the November lottery, the Raspberry Kiss block was chosen so I made 2 of them.

Now let's hope I can attend November's meeting!


  1. Love this block, new to me Good luck on winning

    1. I think this block is adorable. Who knows, maybe I'll win and have a new project to work on during the retreat.

  2. Oh, the retreat sounds lovely and I hope you really enjoy connecting with quilters in person (I'm excited for you!). :)

  3. how good to have joined the group and what a good idea the block a month is fingers crossed you win on your first visit. Not heard of this block before
    Trust the throat is better now

  4. I am going on retreat this weekend too!
    (My guild is the non-specific kind: traditional, modern, art, contemporary ... all welcome.)

  5. That is awesome that you are able to connect with some local modern quilters. Have fun at the retreat!


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