It's Peter Pan!

Every October I can't imagine topping last year's halloween costume but somehow I manage to pull it off. This year is no different.  You can check out all of the various halloween costumes I've made here (this link will also include this post, just FYI).

This year's costume is  -- PETER PAN!

All summer long, my son was obsessed with watching the movie and reading the story every night. It seemed only fitting that he dress up as Pan for Halloween. Of course, my first step was to troll around on Pinterest to see what I could find. I loosely followed this tutorial for the shirt and hat and I made the pants using this tutorial from Made by Marzipan and the Fat Quarter Shop. Both pieces hardly took any time at all. What took the longest was knitting the rope belt from some silky cording yarn I had in my stash.

What surprises me most is how little it can cost to make a great costume, one that is much better than something with a plastic mask, which is what I had growing up. Here's the cost breakdown for this costume:

  • Men's medium t-shirt:  $2.39
  • Knit fabric for pants & bag of red feathers for hat: $6.11
  • Waistband elastic for pants & felt for hat: $3.97
  • Silk cording for belt: $0 (came from stash)
GRAND TOTAL:  $12.47

You can't beat that! I have extra felt that I can use to make some boot-style toppers but since my son already has some brown shoes, I think we're just going to let him wear those. Bring it on, Halloween!


  1. How does the Mastercard advert go? Cost of sewing the costume: $12.47. Expression on the kid's face when he realises his mum has made him the best costume ever: priceless.

  2. That is a great costume! I think most little boys go thru a Peter Pan Love. My nephew is now 14 and a little past PP, but when he was young, he adored old Pete! He once broke his collar bone at age 6 because he was "flying" off the top bunk. He wore his Peter Pan costume every day for a very very long time.

  3. This is fantastic and what a great price for such a wonderful outfit!

  4. e makes a wonderful Peter Pan, dare I own up I have never read the book or seen the film, next time it o=is on tv I will make a effort to see it. I hated reading as a child and we did not have a tv till I was 15 so that is my excuse, also lived out in the country so no cinema either.


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