Classroom Prep

This past week I started teaching the 5th graders at our local elementary school how to quilt so that we can make their school wallhanging. So last weekend, I was working on lesson plans and gathering together all of the supplies we'll need in the classroom. For any teachers out there, I was introduced to a neat online teaching tool called Blendspace which allows you to house any media resources like youtube videos, powerpoint presentations, and graphics all within a lesson plan that you create.

I'd gotten 90% of the fabric cut out and placed into individual baggies. Thank you so much to Yvonne, Lisa, Cindy, and Darlene for sending me fabric. It truly was appreciated and is being put to good use.

In gathering up all of the various sewing notions that we might use, I realized that I needed some more pincushions. The students sit at 7 tables so I wanted a pincushion for each table but I only had 3.

I was able to whip up 2 on Sunday afternoon using this tutorial. Despite the wonkiness of the photo, they really are square.  I'm hoping I can make a few more when I get a spare moment.


  1. I think it is great Diana that you are able to share your sewing love with the Kid's in the classroom, and now you have lovely pincushions to share with them as well.

  2. It sounds like such a great project! I hope you have fun and get a lot of joy working with the kids.

  3. I am sure the children will love leaning with you and hopefully go on to become adult quilters, have fun all of you!

  4. I just made three more pincushions this afternoon. Addictive little beasties, aren't they?!
    A lot of work goes into classroom prep, but I am sure they will learn a lot from your class.


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