Back to School = Back to Sewing!

Today was the first day of school for my little guy. He started kindergarten so that means buses and a full day without me having to go back and forth to get him during lunchtime (which was last year's scenario). Despite his nerves of starting a new school, he was pretty excited once he saw all the other kids waiting at the bus stop.

Once he was on the bus, I was excited to get back into my sewing room to catch up on some projects. First up, was my August assignment of making flying geese for the Midnight Mystery Quilt Along.

I got my geese all sewn (still need to clip the dog ears and trim them down to size) while watching the current season of Orange is the New Black,  and even went out to lunch with my husband. Overall, it was a wonderful day. And judging by the excitement of my son (and the blur of him running to greet me), I think he had a good day too.


  1. so good to know he settled in at school I know you were concerned at the end of last term as to how he would settle.
    Not started my mystery quilt yet but did finish my 4 cozy afternoon blocks yesterday so who know what is next!

  2. How awesome! So glad to hear it was a good day for everyone. :)

  3. Smiles when he left and smiles when he came home! Brilliant!

  4. Look at that smile! Glad you both enjoyed the day.

  5. Hope he smiles the whole way through school
    I have yet to cut my fabric , the mystery quilt is going two months and I'm only two months behind !

  6. Such a cutie! I wish my seventh graders still had that enthusiasm for school! Good to see you sewing :)


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