Piggy Bank Challenge - Complete!

Last year I decided to participate in Val's Piggy Bank Savings Challenge and now that it's been a year, it's time to settle up and see how much I saved. I actually stopped putting money in a few months ago because things got so hectic and I just plain forgot.

Confession time: when I started the challenge, I already had money saved up just waiting for a rainy day. Most of the money came from spare change and selling unwanted household items and toys. But I have to confess that since I don't tend to carry any cash on me, if I ever needed some, I dipped into my little piggy bank, especially if I saw something at a garage sale or on our local craigslist site. I know I pilfered at least $40 over the last year. Oh well, it is what it is.

So, the grand total is:  $50.73 I had a little helper to count out all those pennies. He used the numbers on my cutting mat. There was $6 worth of pennies. I think those are going to go into his piggy bank, along with the random $2 bills that I had.

That will leave me with $40 to spend on quilting supplies. I originally wanted to buy a supreme slider for free motion quilting, but I broke down and bought that a few weeks after the challenge even started, so I'm not sure what I'll spend this on. For right now, it's going back into my little bank until I find a good use for it.


  1. It is surprising how fast spare change can turn into dollars. I hope you find something wonderful to spend it on. Maybe fabric for a new project:)

  2. Oh I love your little guys smile!!! It is kinda hard to collect change in this modern day of debit/credit cards...but never the less, $40 bucks to splurge on quilty treats is fun! I hope you and your little guy sign up Sunday the 12th for next years challenge!

  3. I save my small change, do not get much as I use my debit card for food shopping will sign up and join Val`s saving system this time, enjoy your spend!

  4. Well done collecting change. Like you, I never seem to have much real money on me any more. How did we survive in the 'olden days' when all we had was cash – no cards? I know I did it, I just cannot remember how! :)


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