Fastest Impromptu Project EVER

Today has been one of those days where things just didn't seem to go my way. It was one thing after another. First I accidentally deleted one of my son's favorite shows on the television right before we left for morning summer camp. Then I couldn't get access to our community fitness center. When picking Simon up from camp I learn that he's getting a new therapist starting this week because of insurance issues. (That change is gonna be rough on him).  Before heading home for lunch we made a quick stop at a grocery store for a few things. This particular store only takes cash or debit cards (meaning you must use a PIN). As the cashier rings up the final item, I realize that my driver's license and my debit card are NOT in my wallet and are in my other purse... at home... 9 miles away...  NOOOOOOO!!!! They were nice enough to wheel my entire cart into a back refrigeration room, so I could go home and get my debit card since I never carry cash on me.

Luckily, my husband was working from home and I could leave my son there to eat lunch while I headed back to the store with debit card in hand. On my way home, I finally started to relax and figured this day was going to get better. Then my phone dings with a text message. My husband says that my son lost his first tooth and that he doesn't know where it went -  that he thinks he might have eaten it. WHAT??!!! A tooth? We didn't even know one was loose. And it's not like he was eating an apple when he ate it. Nope, he was eating a doughnut.

It wasn't until after my husband took this photo that he realized that there was a missing tooth. My son - he had no clue and had to run and look in a mirror.

So after getting home and explaining to him about the tooth fairy, I whipped up this little pillow to place on his bedroom door. I was truly winging it when I made it. I wanted a small pocket for the tooth and a separate pocket for whatever the tooth fairy left. This time around we'll have to leave a note in the tooth pocket. I have it on good authority that the tooth fairy will be leaving a new toothbrush and a few other goodies along with a $2 bill.  It took me about 30 minutes to make this.

I figured by placing it on the door it will provide easier access for the fairy than under the pillow. It could also hang on a bed-post but my son's bed doesn't have one. So here's hoping for no more surprises today and a relaxing evening.


  1. Oh my goodness, you have had quite the Monday! I think it is a genius idea to leave the pillow on the door handle - so much easier for the tooth fairy to escape unnoticed... I hope the rest of your week is smooth and easy!

  2. Your post made me smile~sometimes life just happens, doesn't it? Nice to know I'm not the only one with an imperfect life :) Is he giving the tooth fairy an IOU??? Hope your Tuesday is better~

  3. I think this was a day you would like to forget, Your young man is growing up now loosing his first baby tooth, wondered what the tooth fairy paid now, gone up a bit since my day!

  4. What a day! I rarely have cash too.
    What a great gap-toothed smile. It is good to see that chocolate can still be absorbed through the skin externally. I am sure the tooth, if swallowed, will do no harm.

  5. Ah how sweet he looks and not just the chocolate grin! I think I got 50p for my first tooth - our tooth fairy only paid for the front ones!

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  7. That sounds like something I would do, not even know it's gone! Love the idea of hanging it on the door :). I hated the the tooth fairy and Easter bunny actually came in my room when I was sleeping. This would have been perfect!


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