Creative Quilt Labeling

Since finishing my Compass Quilter's top I've been pondering the best way to make my label and give credit to all the other wonderful quilters who contributed to it. At the start of the bee, we all decided that it would be a good idea to include a 5" block with our name and location to whomever was queen that month. It sounded great in theory but it posed a few issues for me. First, I only received 2 signature blocks. Second, now that it's finished and smaller than I planned I really didn't want to piece together 8 blocks into the backing. So, what to do...

Why not just one string block, similar to those on the front, but with white space in the center for the name of the bee, and then all the block makers in the white border?  Yes, I think this will do nicely.


  1. I only have one signature block so might pinch your clever idea.

  2. Love your label... and love how you took a project you just wanted off your design wall and made it into a new fun adventure with this label for it! Great idea :) Kathi

  3. What a great idea, I love how you got so much into one label! It's also cool to see where all the blocks came from, such a world traveler this quilt.


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