When Life Gives You Hairballs...

... kick the cats to the curb. Well, that's what I want to do at the moment but I'll resist. I'm feeling rather defeated this morning. I closed the door to my sewing room last night but didn't latch it all the way and discovered that one of the cats got in there and threw up on my Christmas tree skirt that was on the sewing table.

It was all laid out with the next section under the needle, ready to be quilted this morning. I'm so close to finishing!! Of course, the furry culprit threw up in a section that hasn't been quilted yet and in a section that was red. And even though it's high quality fabric, it looks like it bleeds a bit when mixed with, um, cat puke. I've cleaned it up as best as I can without using a stain remover and washing it and it's air drying now. I feel like I have such little time to sew right now and then this happens. Grrrr....


  1. So sorry to hear about this. My own hairball creating fur monster is driving me nuts today as well, but nothing that bad (yet). I hope it dries out well and you're able to finish it up without more "help".

  2. drat those hairballs, fingers crossed all will be well when you have finished the skirt and it has been through the wash, co,lour catchers are wonderful for bleeding fabrics.

  3. That is so discouraging. I am with Margaret here, lots of color catchers in the wash. Then no treats for kitty for at least a week!


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