Bias Binding and Cutting Into a Project

Okay friends, I need some input here. I need to determine where I should make my cut for the opening of my tree skirt. There are 2 different options that are shown in the diagram below. I'm leaning toward option 1 because of the quilting that is done and because it's a shorter distance, but option 2 goes along the seams of the individual blocks. I've never cut into the middle of a project before so I'm not sure if that matters or not.

I've also never done a biased binding before so that should be interesting. Since just the circle opening needs to be on the bias, can I cut that portion just on the bias and then have the rest of the binding be standard? Or will that cause problems of rippling once I wash it? Just trying to figure out how to maximize cutting my binding strips.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


  1. First a disclaimer, I have never cut into a project either. . . at least intentionally ;) My first reaction was don't cut along the block seam. . . but I don't know that it really matters. You are going to be binding it so it's not like anything is going to 'fall apart' :)

    As for bias binding, I have never done that either but I can't imagine that mixing the two (bias, non bias) would make a difference. OK, I'm not much help huh? haha

    It's beautiful! :)

  2. As far as cutting option A or B goes, think about where you want the overlap of the skirt to be around the base of the tree. What about getting to the base of your Christmas tree to water it? (if you use a real tree). That might influence the placement of the cut.
    About bias vs. straight binding, I would only use bias for the center circle. Straight would work just fine for the cut edges and the outside.

  3. I agree that I would use bias binding around the circle only and use straight for the rest of the edges. As far as where to cut, I think 1 looks good, but the advice to think about an overlap is worth thinking about.

  4. I've never done bias binding, so I have no input there. But on the cutting, my question is what do you want to be on the front of the tree? I would probably pick the cut that allowed for the widest front, because I think that would look the prettiest. But either one will look great.

  5. what a great tree skirt, sorry cannot help re binding but I know they say you only need to use bias on the curves and straight on the straight, best of luck and remember to share when complete


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