Disney Cruise Gifts

I was so happy to get my sewing room set up and I wish I've spent more time in it but I've had to split my focus the last few weeks. In addition to the triangle quilt I'm making I've been a busy crafter making gifts for our upcoming cruise on the Disney Magic.  We're participating in the fish extender gift exchange. For those who've never sailed on a Disney cruise - outside each stateroom is a brass fish clip that is a way for cruise personnel to leave notes and information. I don't know where it started but guests started extending their fish by hanging pockets so that little trinkets can be left inside. Think of it as a glorified secret santa exchange.

I decided to make handmade coasters for each of the families participating in the exchange. That's a lot of coasters! All I can say is thank goodness we don't have to board a plane in order to get to the ship because these things weigh a ton!

Next up, I need to make our fish extender for outside our stateroom.


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