My Design Indecisiveness

The more I play around in EQ7, the more comfortable I get. Granted, there are several things about the software that just aren't very intuitive or user-friendly but once you know the little quirks it's not that bad. In the post I made when I first got EQ7, I had made a few observations that turned out to be false. No, they don't have a block that is just a half square triangle - there's really no need when it takes all of 5 seconds to draw and save one. And yes, you can have the same block in your sketchbook with different color variations. That's one of those things that wasn't obvious. You can only see one variation in the sketchbook but there's a little arrow button that allows you to scroll through the different ones that you've created. I stumbled upon that little tidbit last night.

Okay, enough about EQ7 and on to the decision I'm having difficulty with. I created a Christmas tree skirt last month. Here was my original design:

In the center there were lots of little blocks and it didn't seem the best way to piece this project together. After looking at it for a minute, I realized if I rotated it I could piece this together with a lot fewer mini-blocks. I also scanned the actual fabrics that I'm going to use which makes it so much easier to visual the finished project. Now here's my dilemma. Below are 2 slightly different variations. Notice that there are 4 additional small gold squares in option 2. I think I'm leaning more toward option 1 because I like showing off the Christmas trees in that white print fabric. What do you think? Option 1 or option 2?

Option 1

Option 2


  1. you are getting good use out of your new toy! re the skirt I like them both so the choice is yours, I`m sure you do not want to do them both

  2. I LOVE EQ7, what fun. I like them both, they are super sweet. I think the second one accentuates the star a bit more than the first. Just depends on what you're after. But it is super sweet

  3. I like them both! I would lean towards the first one. Glad you're having fun with the software!


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