Friday, October 16, 2015

October Stash Bee Block

While working on my midnight mystery quilt, I was able to get my October block done for Stash Bee.

I usually struggle with getting small pieces to line up well but I had no problems this time and the block turned out perfectly without needing to be squared up. I guess my piecing skills have gotten better.


  1. This is such a fun scrappy block! :)

  2. Looks great - a nice scrap busting block too!

  3. It looks lovely, Diana! It is fun to recognize bits of prints mixed in. :)

  4. It's a lovely arrangement of scrappy fabrics. Very nice block.

  5. Well done on the precision!
    I am collecting 2.5 inch scraps and this is one of the designs on my list to use them up - when I have enough.

  6. lots of nice fabrics in this block, looks like you have been getting unwanted comments?


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