Monday, October 19, 2015

Nifty Little Glue Basting Trick

I've been fascinated about glue basting for quite a while but have never tried it until now. The thing that was holding me back was that micro-tip that all of the tutorials said you needed. None of my local quilt shops carried them and call me cheap, but I didn't like the idea of spending $10 (plus shipping) on a tiny 1 oz. bottle of glue with a special tip. Not when I know you can use regular washable Elmer's glue and get 4 oz. for $1.29.

Well, I found a super inexpensive solution in the form of a hair color applicator bottle that I kept in my laundry room. It can be found at your local Sally Beauty Supply store for less than $2.

I've started teaching my son how to do laundry and I have it filled with white vinegar (I use that instead of fabric softener and also make my own laundry detergent). The other day I took a closer look at that tip and thought it was narrow enough that it might work with glue.

I was planning on filling up the color applicator bottle with the glue but check this out! It's a perfect fit!

AND it dispenses glue in a very thin line too! (Don't let the photo fool you, it came out in a perfectly thin line but it started to bead up from me walking around with it and trying to find better lighting to photograph it.)

The important thing to remember with this applicator tip is that you need to put something in it when it's not in use so the glue doesn't dry out. I tried a few different size pins but the best thing that seemed to work was a large paper clip.

UPDATE: So I've had the paper clip in for a week and it is NOT a good option. The metal oxidizes and then your glue comes out brown. So I've switched it to a toothpick but a toothpick is a bit too fat for the small hole. I think it will do for now but I'll probably take some sand paper to it to slim it down even further so it fits nicer in the tip.

And there you have it. An inexpensive and easy solution if you want to glue baste!


  1. I prefer glue basting over pinning.

  2. I like these clever and inexpensive fixes.
    I think I too have succumbed to the lure of glue basting. I tried it on an EPP block this week for the first time. My eyes were opened.

  3. Oh, great tip and how awesome that the tops were interchangeable!

  4. Great tip! I think I would take the special top off the glue bottle and wash it out between uses (put the original glue top back on).

  5. I use a rubber knitting needle tip guard on my glue. You can find cute ones in the yarn section at your local craft store.

  6. who would have thought the top would work so well a great idea

  7. This is an awesome tip, thank you! I did but the glue basting glue tips, but the tip is so tiny that you have to squeeze way to hard to get any glue to come out. I am going to try this.

  8. Great tip! I've still got to give the glue basting a try and this is what's been holding me back. Getting the right tip. Now we need to find the perfect cover or plug for it!

  9. I love glue basting!! I use those little plastic things that attach price tags on clothes in the tip of my glue bottle, to keep the glue from drying in the tip. They work perfectly! They do get lost easily, but every time we buy clothes, I snip the plastic connector thing and put it in a little jar by my iron - that way when I lose one, I've always got another one handy :-)
    happy sewing ~ Tracy

  10. Use a plastic 2" clothing tag to insert into top of the tip.

  11. Thank you for the inexpensive way to dispense the glue! A brilliant idea... 🙂


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