Wednesday, November 01, 2017

2018 Stash Bee Sign-Ups Are Open

Hi Everyone! Yes, I'm still alive. I know I've been quiet here on the blog. Life has just been super busy right now. We close on our house on Friday and move this weekend and I've been working lots (gotta pay for that house!). Just wanted to pop in to say that the sign-ups are open for the 2018 Stash Bee if you were interested.

It's going to be a little smaller this year with only 7 hives so if you were thinking of participating, don't wait long to sign up.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Back to School Sewing

Nothing like some little projects to ease me back into my sewing room. First up were the reusable snack bags that I made as my August goal. These are such a fast make and are just so functional yet fun. I also get so many people asking me about them, I just might have to start making them in bulk and selling them.

Next up was a fun pencil case for my son made out of some Star Wars fabric that he picked out 2 days before school started. I can guarantee that none of his other classmates will have one like it!

Both of these projects were just what I needed to get my sew-jo going after such a long hiatus.

(Linking up to Elm Street Quilts for OMG's August Finish)

Sunday, August 06, 2017

A Monthly Goal for August

I have to admit, I'm that parent. The one who is overjoyed for the start of the school year. This week is the last full week of summer vacation and I'm really looking forward to getting back into the routine that school provides. Summer is hard for my kiddo (and me!). All of his neighborhood friends spend their days at summer camp or daycare because their parents work full-time so it's just him and me all day long unless I set up organized play dates or outings. And did I mention that our house is up for sale? Throw in some house showings and an open house to add to the chaos and there's not been much sewing going on.

That's why I want to ease into August with a simple sewing goal of making more reusable sandwich bags for school lunches. I made a few last year, including one that was Star Wars themed but it was a small snack size. I'd like to make these larger. I'm not sure how my son will feel about the apple and plaid fabrics, but I'm sure he'll approve of the Peanuts fabric I found in my scrap bin.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Slow Road to Health and Sewing

It's been a long two months while I focus on my health and while I'm still not at 100%, I'm finally starting to feel like myself again. I've also started sewing some small projects in the way of 3 blocks for Stash Bee. My own hive mates were amazing and sewed blocks for me for May and June but I felt well enough to sew my own block for July, which was a maple leaf:

Another hive needed 2 angel blocks that requested more traditional fabrics. Lucky for them I had an aunt that had given me just the types of fabrics that were needed. I just had to dig deep into my scrap bins to find them, praying that I hadn't donated all of them to charity. Luckily, I still had a few left.

For now, I still need to stick to small, short projects but I really miss playing on my longarm. But I have enough projects that need finishing, mostly borders and such. I think in another month or so I hope to try and do some longer periods of sewing the take a bit more concentration. Until then, baby steps. The same goes for blogging as well. Don't want to overdo it.
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