Friday, December 09, 2016

Cheery Holiday Wreaths

There's nothing more satisfying than finishing a quilt, but when it's a bee quilt that turns out even better than you hoped, it's the icing on the cake. And what's even better is that it's done in time to snuggle under this holiday season.


As with all of my quilts, I brought it to the performing arts center where I work for a fun little photo shoot. This week's production was the Nutcracker Ballet so it was fitting that I had a holiday quilt to photograph in the lobby.

I just love how we have a large glass circular grand staircase with stairs on both sides that wind their way up 5 stories high with balconies at each tier. The photo below is with me on the 2nd tier and the quilt hanging over the 3rd tier balcony. You can see the entrance to one of the theaters. (The quilt completely hides the doors on the 3rd tier.) I know the quilt looks rather small but I was determined to get the orchids into my photo.

This was my StashBee Quilt this year. It's done just in time for me to start on a new one for 2017! This finishes out my last one monthly goal for December and marks another item off my 4th quarter 2016 finish along list.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

December's Monthly Goal

Man, I feel like my life got hijacked. I had everything in order. Plans were set for Thanksgiving, quilting projects were all on track, work and school schedules were under control, and then BAM! Out--Of--Nowhere, things just spun out of control.

First, I underestimated how much I thought I could continue to get done while I had family in town for the Thanksgiving holiday. Next, I started battling a bit of a cold, which didn't seem to help matters but luckily it subsided. What really got me was my headaches. For over 10 years I've battled vertigo problems and a few years ago my doctors finally figured out that a majority of my vertigo was actually migraines. Brains are funny things, especially when trying to figure out what medicines will work without too many adverse side effects. Seems that my most recent meds were giving me awful rebound headaches so they've had to wean me off that one and ramp me up onto a new one. Here's hoping that things level off soon.

I've also taken over Stash Bee for 2017 so there's been a lot of behind the scenes work getting things prepped and ready for new bee year to begin. It's a lot of work but I think it's going to be a great year. So with all that I've got going on this month, I'm keeping my One Monthly Goal for December one that I can hopefully follow through on! I've got my Holiday Wreath quilt all quilted, just waiting for the binding.

As you can see, my cat Oliver is enjoying the holiday decorations and is just waiting for that quilt to be finished too!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Operation: Resistance Droid

With Christmas less than 6 weeks away, I started piecing my son's gift. I'm making him a twin sized BB-8 quilt to go with his newly decorated Star Wars room. I was really good about cutting out all of my fabric and labeling each cut -- it's something I never do. I had everything organized and I got to sewing.  Here is my progress so far:

As you can see, I have his head done and have begun working on the body. It wasn't until I was editing this photo that I realized that something wasn't right. After another look at the piecing instructions, I realized that I skipped 2 steps so I'll be ripping out some seams and cutting more fabric.  So much for being super organized. On the bright side, I noticed my mistake before the quilt was bound! I'm already thinking about how I want to quilt this. There's going to be a lot of negative space to fill which is exciting and a bit daunting at the same time but it's going to be a fun challenge.

Monday, November 14, 2016

We've Graduated to the Grown-up Table

Earlier this fall, we pulled the trigger on a new dining room table. It was long overdue and it's certainly a step up from our 14-year-old Ikea table. My husband and I kept joking that with this purchase we can finally be called grown-ups. When it's fully extended it seats 12 which is perfect for a family of 3. :)  But in all seriousness, it's exactly what we need since we've hosted Christmas every year since moving to Florida. And this year we're hosting Thanksgiving too.

The moment this table was delivered, I slapped some old and tattered placemats on it. It's really nice wood, and while it has that distressed rustic look, I want to protect it. Hence my desire to make some nice placemats that coordinate with the turquoise window treatments.

I wanted them to be durable so I used decor weight fabric and did some basic 1/2-inch straight line quilting. I've made 4 placemats so far and think I have enough fabric to make 2 more.

This is project #4 that was on my 2016 Finish Along for this quarter!
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