2nd Quarter Finish Along Goals

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As I planned, I had about half of my projects from 1st quarter roll over to this quarter. It just wasn't the ones that I expected! So here is what I have tasked myself with completing by the end of June, keeping in mind that school lets out at the end of May so any sewing that happens during the month of June will probably be minimal:

1. My cousin's quilt for their wedding gift. They got married in March, so I'm going for that unexpected surprise gift at this point.

2.  Aspen Frost Jubilee Quilt - I made a ton of progress on this last quarter but then other projects took priority and it took a backseat. I need to find a good border fabric and backing fabric and then I can get to quilting this.

3. Welcome Panel - this is half quilted already but again, it was set aside last quarter so I'm confident I can get this finished up in an afternoon once I find the time to work on it again.

4. These layer cakes are back on the list again in the hopes that it motivates me to get started on the project using a half square triangle layout that I came up with in EQ7.

5. Rainbow Dresden Mini.  This is the only new project that I'm adding. Contrary to what it looks like, this pile of scraps are actually cut out dresden petals that I chain pieced when I was in Lee Monroe's "Understanding the Rainbow" class at QuiltCon. I need to make this into a mini quilt.

That's it, that's all I got.


  1. Oh, Jubilee looks spectacular! Looks like you found the perfect sashing. Kinda makes me sad I let it go, but I'm glad it's close to a finish.

  2. I love the Aspen Frost!! Beautiful pattern.

  3. the wedding quilt is lovely best of luck with your goals. The dresden quilt will be so colourful when done

  4. Pretty projects as always =) Enjoy tackling them.

  5. Everyone loves an unexpected surprise gift. It will be a hit!
    That rainbow Dresden looks like it will be gorgeous. Just from the bits, I can tell. ;)

  6. Great works in progress, I am looking forward to seeing your mini rainbow Dresden.

  7. Oh a blink of an eye and they'll all be done ...


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