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Before heading off to Savannah last month I managed to sew up a few small things that I thought I would share. First up is a finish for the 2017 QAL. I had a really cheap eye mask that I’d been using and thought I would upgrade it with some fabric from my stash. The project took me all of 15 minutes if that. I recycled the elastic from the cheap mask since I already knew it was a good fit and I think ripping it out took longer than the actual sewing.

I thought it looked much cuter than the drab black one so imagine my surprise when I used it for the first time… and HATED it. I guess there’s a reason why they make those things with a silky type polyester (or nylon?). It just feels better on your eyes. Needless to say, I’ll be ripping the elastic out and putting it back in the cheap one when I get a spare moment. It’s funny that I saved it on a whim. Now I know why.

I was also able to whip up a quick house block for the Montréal Modern Quilt Guild in their charity effort in response to the mosque shootings in Québec City, #QuiltsforQC. I was able to drop it off at QuiltCon.

The last block I'm going to share with you is the block I finished yesterday - my March block for Stash Bee, which I absolutely love! Ophélie, our queen from Paris, selected colors that I never would have put together myself, but she has converted me.

Mustard yellow with dark pink and dark teal? And olive green?? Who knew... but I can't wait to see her quilt come together.

The next big thing for me is the setup of my new long arm tomorrow! That's why there's been very little sewing since I've had to completely overhaul my entire sewing room. More on that very soon!


  1. what a shame re the eye mask, not sure I could sleep with a mask on. Both blocks look good I have found you can put most colours together since I have started quilting which has really surprised me. Best of luck setting up your long arm.

  2. I am looking forward to seeing your new sewing space! That block is so perfectly pieced, I'm envious.

  3. I'm sorry to hear the eye mask didn't work for you. I make eye masks out of flannel for my husband and he likes the feel of that (in case that might work for you as well).

  4. I really like that block. I would not have thought to put those colors together, but they really do work well.

  5. The bee block is just so pretty. I'm sorry the mask didn't work out.

  6. What a shame you didn't like using your new eye mask ! Congratulations on this pretty finish. Thanks for participating in the 2017 FAL, visiting on behalf of the 2017 FAL cheerleading team.


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