Piano Bench Makeover

I've had this piano bench for years. I don't even own a piano anymore but it's always come in handy for something. In our current house, we have a vanity nook in our master bathroom and this bench fits perfectly, but since it was looking rather run down I decided to give it a makeover. A little paint and a pad covered in some plaid fabric from Ikea and it will be good as new!

I first sanded it a bit and then my trusty sidekick helped me paint it an espresso brown to match the bathroom cabinets.

Next up, was to buy a foam remnant for the seat cushion and to trim it down to size. I discovered that the ideal cutting tool for high density foam is an electric carving knife. Who knew, right? And now mine will get used 3 times this year!

To cover it, I just stretched the fabric taut over the foam and bench and used 10mm staples to staple it directly to the bench. I think this will be okay for now, but if it ever needs to be redone, I think I'll make a removable cover and attach it to the bench using velcro strips.  Here's the finished project!

With my brother's help last month, he showed me how to wire an additional outlet so now there's one underneath the cabinet for my hairdryer to stay tucked out of sight. It's the little things that make me happy. :)


  1. It looks like it was made for your vanity! And how awesome to have an outlet in place to keep everything tucked away nicely. :)

  2. it looks great, the fabric is pretty, and goes with the vanity and bench perfectly.

  3. your stool looks so good now and thanks for the tip re the electric carving knife, have never thought of using mine for anything but meat!

  4. Fantastic . And another skill to add to your list

  5. That looks great!
    I think I have seen them use an electric knife in the store where I have had foam cut to size. It might be exactly the right tool!


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