Fun with Half Square Triangles

I'm happy that I finally got to spend a little time in my sewing room this morning. Not only did I finish my Compass Quilter's Bee quilt (post coming soon, once I've taken some photos), but I also made this month's bee block for Stash Bee.

Barb from Mountain Quiltworks wanted some half square triangle blocks. I really like making HSTs, especially since they're so easy to square up using June Tailor's ruler. This was doubly fun since we got to choose the layout. You can check out my Stash Bee post here if you're interested.


  1. I adore this block - thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing it in person :)

  2. Great block, I love the colors!!

  3. Great block!
    In response to your answer on Stash Bee, I have never had a problem with colour bleeding either, and I have never bought or used a colour catcher. I did get rid of some of my ancient fabrics (origins lost in the mists of time) for fear of running dyes, however.


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