Bow-ties for New Year's

Now that I've finished up my holiday sewing, I sat down this morning to work on these cute mini bow-tie blocks for Sharon over at Motherdragon's Musings as part of our Compass Quilter's bee. After all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, it was the perfect project to ease me back into the sewing routine.

I'll be honest, I tend to shy away from snowball corner blocks (I think that's what they're called) because they always end up being too small after I add that tiny little square in the corner. But this block forced me to take my time and really focus on my accuracy and a scant seam to make sure everything measured up correctly. Now to get them in the mail to sunny Australia!


  1. I also find that some blocks never comeout the intended dimentions when I'm done with them but it's a good way to challenge yourself with a tricky block to really nail that scant seam. Even with my 1/4" foot on my machine my seams never seem quite right. Practice, practice I suppose.

  2. very nice bow ties, and a happy new year to you

  3. It really is hot and sunny here! I know Sharon is praying for rain in drought-affected Queensland.


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