Some Long Overdue Knitting

When I got bit with the quilting bug, it completely took over every ounce of my creative self. Before quilting, I knit. A LOT. Like, all the time, even in the car. No, not while I was driving but whenever my husband drove, I was usually knitting. The last time I made a post about a knitting project was in July 2013. We moved to Florida that same month and I know I've not picked up my knitting needles since that time. That was 14 months ago!

Having spent this weekend with a fever I didn't get much sewing done, opting for more sedentary activities like binge watching HGTV.  I'm not sure why but today I dug out this sweater that I'd started 2 years ago. I'd stopped it in the middle of a row, one that has 252 stitches and a pattern chart. I'm lucky I could even figure out where I left off. 

It's hard to imagine knitting living in Florida, but I'm going to keep my knitting bag beside my rocking chair in the hopes that I'll finish this sweater. 


  1. good to hear you are all feeling better. Enjoy the knitting, it is a shame my knuckles will not let me knit these days maybe though I will give it another go

  2. Glad you are feeling better. I to enjoy knitting, but quilting seems to have overtaken the knitting, (and my life) though there is always a portable project on the needles.

  3. You may need it on the beach one evening. :)

    I can't knit to save my soul and I'm enamored with people who can. It is a fun skill to have for sure!

  4. I am glad you figured out where in the pattern you left off!
    I live in a warm climate and knit too, so I think I know what you mean about Florida.

  5. My grandmother used to knit in Florida all the time! Hope you feel better : )


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