Digging Myself Out

Well, we moved into our new house 2 weeks ago and I've been digging myself out from all of the boxes and chaos ever since. Some people aren't bothered by boxes but not me. I'm way too OCD to live amidst boxes and random piles of "stuff." That sort of thing will keep me awake at night so I'd rather just tackle it so I can get on with my life. Of course my sewing room was the last one on my list of priorities, not for a lack of desire to sew but rather I knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate on sewing until all of the common areas of the house were comfortable. I spent Friday afternoon getting my sewing room functional while my son was napping. Here's a little peek:

I took this picture using a panorama app with my phone - my cat kept walking around so it looks like there's 2 cats in the room. The table on the right that is cut off in the picture is my cutting table. I think the room layout is going to work out well. I still need to hang some curtains (especially because of the afternoon sunlight), put up my design wall, and eventually paint but I'm not sure what color just yet. We still have a LOT of painting to do throughout the entire house but that will come in time. I can only handle painting in small doses. The master bedroom, my son's bedroom, and my husband's office was more than enough for me to do for a while.

I think I'm finally ready to start sewing. Now, if only my son wasn't on spring break for the next week, I'd actually have time!


  1. good to read you have settled in and got the sewing room up and working. Your table looks very wide, how envious am I , I work off a small round one


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