Playing in the Dirt

It's no secret that we're planning on putting our house up for sale in about a month so we're trying to get things in order. Just yesterday we had all the wood trim on the front of the house repainted and I can't believe how much of a difference it makes! We are considering replacing the outside lights but that doesn't take much time so we can decide that later.

This morning I went to our county's central processing facility where I could get 45 pound bags of compost for $1.75 each and came home with 13 bags. After an afternoon of weeding and working on 2 of the 3 flowerbeds that are in the front yard there are only 3 and a half bags left! There is still more to do - I want to remove 2 bushes by the front steps to open things up a bit so that's going to be the next big project to tackle. Once that is done, we can get a truckload of mulch delivered.

As for the backyard, I've got a few things that I want to plant in the butterfly garden. I've got a few tomato plants growing in my kitchen window until they're big enough to transplant into my herb garden. As for my herbs, the oregano and thyme are both getting out of control already. I was surprised to see that my parsley came back from last year. I didn't realize that it was a perennial. I also have 5-7 small cilantro plants that have sprouted up so that's one less thing that I need to plant! Just need some basil and rosemary to round things out.

Here's to some pretty flowers in the garden and some good cookin' with fresh herbs again this summer!