Monday, June 01, 2015

Oh Mama, It's June Already!

I've been going non-stop since I got up at the crack of dawn this morning that it wasn't until 6pm when I looked on instagram and saw that Quilting Jet Girl made me a block that I remembered that it's June and it's now my month to be Queen Bee for Hive 4 of Stash Bee. Woo-hoo!  I put in a lot of time and effort to come up with a fun bee block and I think I succeeded. Here is the overall look that I'm hoping for when the quilt is completed:

And here are 2 of the blocks that I've made so far:


  1. It was fun to make for you! I got to show it off to my husband, so I'll get it in the mail soon! :)

  2. I just love how many different designs can be made with half square triangles, this is going to look fantastic. Yes june and still wearing winter coats and warm clothing here in Leeds UK wonder if it will ever get warm, suppose they are punishing us for a mild winter!

  3. I made one too. Pic on Instagram. :)

  4. Like your block this month! Cant wait see how they all turn out, it's so exciting to see them all arrive in the mail!

  5. What a great pattern. I love the sense of movement it creates. And I hear you about where has the year gone!? My "baby" is turning two in a few weeks and I am scratching my head about how that happened


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