Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Almost two weeks ago, I basted this top so that I could start quilting it.

Guess what, it's still laying on our guest bed and hasn't been touched. I picked out a pretty thread color, Amethyst Frost by Isacord, but for some reason, I'm having trouble starting it. I'm just not sure how to quilt it. It's funny how most people choose to do a basic meander or allover pattern when the first start free motion quilting. Not me. I went all out and started custom quilting right out of the gate. After 2 years of quilt-making now I still have never done basic quilting. As much as I'd like to do an edge to edge pattern with this one, I think it just lends itself to custom quilting. I'm just a bit indecisive and have no game plan right now. Guess it's going to have to sit in the guest room a bit longer until I figure it out. Hope it's not too lonely in there.


  1. Have you thought about submitting it to Kathleen Quilts ( She like to sketch out ideas for quilting. You might not use what she comes up with, but it might inspire you, too!

  2. I was going to say exactly what Yvonne said! :) Great minds ;) I was also going to say, this quilt is screaming for custom quilting!!

  3. I am a patchworker first. I plan all the colours and the blocks and how I will put them together, but I never think ahead to quilting. Good luck!

  4. is this the aiming for accuracy quilt that you did before I really love it all those blocks and the fabric you have used is geat

  5. I love this quilt and it's done in all batiks ... yep I said it :) This quilt would look awesome custom quilted, guess now you just have to start (easier said than done!)

  6. I've never managed an E2E design. I just always want to do something that really pops the design of the top. I like it when other people do it, not sure why I dont! :)

    Did you find your mojo?


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