Long Arm Quilting Services


Thank you for considering me to finish your quilt! 

Please follow these guidelines to ensure a quality finished product:
§  Square up and press your top and backing.
§  Stitch all the way around the edges of the quilt top using a longer stitch length to prevent your edge seams from popping.
§  Ensure that your batting and backing are both at least 6” longer and 6” wider than your quilt top - for example, if your top is 50” x 70”, your backing and batting must be at least 56” - 76”.
§  Trim loose threads on the back of the quilt otherwise dark thread may show through under light fabric.
§  If using a pieced backing, remove the selvedges in the seams. Horizontal seams are preferred.
§  Print out this INTAKE FORM and include it when shipping your quilt.
§  Please email me before shipping your quilt to discuss quilting options and wait times. 
§  If you live in the Orlando, FL area you can email me to arrange a time to drop off your quilt

§  Layer your top and backing over batting (if providing) and then fold it up to avoid fold lines. DO NOT BASTE THE LAYERS. 
§  Label the top and bottom of your quilt top and backing.
§  Place all items to be shipped in a plastic bag before boxing and shipping - this includes the intake form.
Upon receipt of your quilt, I will submit a few design ideas for you to approve or you have the option of leaving the design completely up to me. 

All quilting is done freehand (nothing is computerized)

§  Basic all-over design (ie - paisleys, swirls, loops) -- $0.02 per square inch
§  Custom designs (ie - feather design in border, swirls & pebbles in blocks) -- $0.03 per square inch
§  Custom designs with ruler work -- $0.04 per square inch  

* Prices above are for a single thread color for the entire quilt. Multiple thread colors to match fabric is an additional upcharge. Bobbin thread will always match top thread - no exceptions.

Minimum charge: $50.00

§  Loading fee -- $25 (this is the labor and time it takes to secure your quilt onto the long arm frame)
§  Bobbin fee -- $2.50 per full bobbin used on your quilt
§  Additional charges may apply to square up backing, iron an excessively wrinkled top and/or backing, etc. These services are billed at $25/hr., with a 1 hour minimum charge.

Quilting will begin once a design plan and charges have been discussed and agreed upon.

§  Warm & White - Cotton - 90" wide: $9 per yard
§  Quilter's Dream - White - Cotton - Select Loft - 93" wide: $11 per yard
§  Quilter's Dream - Wool - 93" wide: $14 per yard

If you prefer a different batting, you may ship it with your quilt or purchase it online and have it shipped directly to me. My favorite batting companies are the Warm Company (Warm & White, Warm & Natural) and Quilter's Dream. Please do not send Mountain Mist. Long arm quilting is an investment and as such it deserves a quality batting.

All prices are subject to change.

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